Don't Fight Sexual Misconduct Allegations Alone

Team up with a Title IX attorney in Lake Elmo, MN

Even just an accusation of sexual assault can severely damage a person's reputation and life. It's natural to feel scared and alone when you've been accused of sexual misconduct. McGraw Law Firm, P.A. can represent you if you've been accused of sexual assault.

Our Title IX attorney will support you through the campus proceedings and defend your rights every step of the way. If your case ends up going to trial, we can fight for you in court.

Contact our sexual misconduct attorney in Lake Elmo, MN today to discuss your case.

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We can help you fight for justice

Unfortunately, having a case dismissed does not repair the damage that a sexual assault accusation can cause. Our Title IX attorney understands how to navigate sexual assault cases and can help you by...

  • Challenging evidence that is illegally obtained
  • Arguing for your defense in campus proceedings
  • Filing false accusation lawsuits on your behalf

We'll be your advocates every step of the way. Make an appointment with our sexual misconduct attorney by calling us at 651-209-3200.

Beau D. McGraw, Attorney at Law