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Beau is truly a one-of-a-kind criminal defense attorney. I went to three attorneys before him, and the consensus from all was a poor prognosis and that I "probably needed representation." The problem with those guys is they're not really looking out for you like Beau. They want to passively defend you, not take action, and let you give them your money for a defense you could get out of a kid in law school. After I explained my situation to Beau, he immediately took action, defending me like I would defend myself. He made aggressive, yet tactful decisions which took a highly "unfavorable" situation and got me the best possible conclusion. Outcome: no conviction, nothing at all. Beau knows his stuff, and he doesn't mess around. You want real defense, you gotta pay for the best. Hands down, you will find that here.


Even though I was the defendant in our child custody case, I was awarded full physical & legal custody.

Beau fought the fight of my life, right by my side. My abusive ex & his family hired a high buck Atty, in an attempt to take my children (ages 18-months & 7-months) from me. It was a battle, but in the end, I was awarded full physical & legal custody. My ex was awarded supervised visitation to see our children at a safety center, where they breathalyzed him, & supervised the entire visits. The social workers at the safety center noted serious concerns re his parenting, (including showing up drunk 2x,) their notes went to the Ramsey Co judge/referee in our case. After requiring him to take parenting classes, he could resume his visitation. Instead of taking the classes & resuming visitation, he continuously harassed me. Today my children & I have a current OFP, (order for protection) protecting us through 2058. I am so grateful to Mr. McGraw for guiding me, successfully, through the family court system. My children are amazing teenagers today thriving in high school & sports. Without a fighter like Beau in our corner, their lives, my life, could have been very different, & very tragic.


Amazing, Professional & Determined Lawyer. None Other Come Close.

I have had the pleasure to have Beau accept a few cases in the recent past. Thankfully those cases are well behind me now but I can't say enough good words about Beau and his team at the McGraw Law Firm, P.A. Give him a free consultation and you will be convinced he is the right lawyer to choose.


Exceptional Attorney!

Beau helped me to win an issue in court on where my daughter would be attending school last fall. My daughter's mother wanted her in a school over 50 miles away from where she lives. Which means I would become an every other weekend dad. Up until this point I was seeing my daughter all the time. Beau fought to keep a daughter's dad in her life (like I had been up to this point). He responded to every email, every phone call in a super timely fashion. He was extremely knowledgeable on every aspect of my case. He is a great person and a great trustworthy attorney- which are hard to find in an attorney. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney. I've used him before this case, and I will be his client for life based on all the great things he has done for me legally. He is the best in the twin cities! Reliable, trustworthy, extremely attentive to detail and great in court! Attorneys don't get any better than Beau D. McGraw.

Tim P.

He is Amazing!

Beau was great! From the first time I spoke with him about my child custody case, I felt empowered. I had been with a different attorney who made me feel quite the opposite. In fact, told me I had very little chance of getting what I wanted from my ex-husband as we disputed child custody and support. Beau told me different! He made it clear to me what we could do to win our case and we did!!!! He truly changed mine and my son's life!


He Is the Best!

I have used Mr. McGraw for family member needs, business advice and needs and have sent my friends to him. He is top-notch in all dealings. After using other attorneys covered by my legal insurance to resolve issues that still haunt me, I resolved to not try to pinch pennies and paid the required fees for representation and have absolutely no regrets. As some of the other reviews have stated sometimes we get impatient and worry that things are not being done fast enough but that is not the case. Beau knows the law, knows the system, and does what is needed at the appropriate time, all of this and resolutions that don't haunt you years later. I most highly recommend Beau McGraw without reservation.


Blessed to Have Him in Our Corner

Beau has been by our side in this drawn-out process that our family wasn't expecting regarding the sale of a mutually owned home. He fought for us tooth and nail for a fair result, and will now be by our side again since the other party is fighting this result. We are scared but confident with him by our side that the courts will once again give a fair judgment to both parties, and he has even suggested how to get the results we are hoping for pushed forward so we can end this battle sooner rather than later. He has been very understanding of our many questions and never makes a question feel stupid. He was also a very strong advocate for us in the courtroom and we hope the same tenacity will help us again. We are glad we chose him and thankful he is continuing to work with us.


Best Legal Representation I Could've Asked For

I hired Beau McGraw to handle a probation violation that I had acquired right at the end of my probation time I was looking at a major extension on my probation and I had been charged with a new case. I was looking at prison time that's for sure. There were many extenuating circumstances as to everything that had happened and with Beau McGraw's expertise in the courtroom and with the law I got everything wrapped into one deal I got the help I needed and very minimal jail sentence which I got to be out for work release. Thank you so much to Beau and his firm for the final legal work and representation I received. I have to say he held my hand through this whole thing and it couldn't have come out better.


Beau Knows Divorce

Mr. McGraw was the best attorney I could possibly have contacted. He was very motivated and detail-oriented in my divorce case. He constantly assured me I would be taken care of and boy did he deliver. He and his assistant Melissa were professional and courteous through the whole process. I would highly recommend Mr. Beau McGraw as he gets the job done.


Remarkable Attorney, Phenomenal Individual

I have used Beau for a few different family matters, with each case Beau has helped me out in so many ways I lost count. Because of Beau and his amazing work, knowledge and dedication, I now have full legal and physical custody of my four children from my previous marriage. He has helped my family through many hard and difficult times, and through each has always been there believing in us. Beau had stood by my side and had never doubted me as a father while never giving up on my children and family. He ensured that not only my interest but also those of my children were looked after. Beau was a strong advocate of mine throughout the whole process never giving up or giving less than 100%. Beau has always been there for us when we needed him. He would explain to us the situation in detail, give us our options, and give us counsel. Then no matter the decision we made Beau would stick behind it and us and fought to make it a reality. Beau is both a remarkable attorney and he is a phenomenal individual. I say this because, after everything Beau had done for my family and me in the courtroom, he even honored us by marrying us. We consider Beau a part of our family now and realize that we are together because of him and his extraordinary efforts in the courtroom. I would recommend Beau without hesitation. Thank you.


Bull Dog

I am a single father of 2 and this all due to Mr. McGraw's involvement and dedication not just to my case, but also dedication to the cause of keeping my children safe. When things got out of hand, and they did rather fast, Mr. McGraw and his legal team were there to answer questions and advocate for me in channels I did not have access to. Most of all Beau Daniel McGraw never lost faith as to the kind of man/father I am even though no one would hear us out. As he put it, "we were in a room screaming the facts and not being heard." Mr. McGraw did not stop screaming until we were heard and that is why my children are safe and know that they are loved and for this, I am forever grateful for Mr. McGraw and his legal team. Thank you.


Excellent Attorney

Our family holds Beau McGraw in the highest esteem both professionally and personally. We first retained Beau about eight years ago and since then he has represented family members in over a dozen cases in family, traffic, and criminal defense, all to our satisfaction. We wouldn't think of hiring another attorney after working with Beau. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his excellent and exceptional representation. What sets Beau aside from other attorneys is his personal interest in and strong commitment to his client. When you retain Beau McGraw you are retaining an exceptional attorney who cares about you and is willing to go the extra mile to keep you informed, listen to you, and give you the best possible defense. He is not only a remarkable attorney, he is also a remarkable man of the highest integrity and professionalism. We recommend him to you without reservation.


Dependable, Reliable & Very Responsive

I used Mr. McGraw to assist me in various business matters, including amendments to my business, incorporation issues and rental agreements. He always returned my calls promptly and had a wonderful way of explaining complicated details in a very uncomplicated manner. He made me feel comfortable and knowledgeable regarding my case and my own business. He also drafted all of my estate planning documents and was of tremendous help to me and my family in this regard. I would definitely recommend Mr. McGraw to anyone looking for a good attorney.